Group Fitness Classes

Our popular group fitness classes are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.
Whether you are looking to lose fat, shape up or increase your fitness in general, our classes are for you.

We have 23 classes weekly, running from Monday – Saturday, mornings and evenings. Classes are varied and each has a theme. So whether you are looking to increase your aerobic capacity with REDLINE or looking to gain some strength with ROCKSTEADY, there are classes for everyone.

Below you will find a description of each of our classes and a class timetable.
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Anaerobic Assault Fitness Class

Anaerobic Assault

ANAEROBIC ASSAULT makes use of small intense intervals with rest periods to turn your metabolic engine into a fat burning machine.  Combining short bursts of aerobic movements and medium/high resistance exercises forces the body to use its phosphagen and glycolytic systems, burning through your bodies stores of carbs within your muscles.


Redline Fitness Class


REDLINE focuses on improving the efficiency of the oxidative system through long intervals of aerobic work.  The use of typical aerobic movements such as rowing, KB swings, burpees and skipping combined with high repetitions of low/moderate weighted exercises keeps the demand for oxygen at a high level pushing you to increase your aerobic capacity and overall fitness.


Rocksteady Fitness Class


ROCKSTEADY is a core class that combines both compound and isolation exercises to develop and strengthen everything between the chest and the glutes.  Once taught how to brace and engage your core effectively, every movement and exercise will become easier and more manageable.


Metxon Fitness Class


METXON is a mix of all 3 of our other classes, combining strength, stamina and aerobic conditioning.  Varying ratios of work to rest periods and strength efforts, with cardio stress, call upon the different energy systems to handle the given workload. Arguably of the best ways to increase the efficiency of each energy pathway.




A stretching and mobility class with the aim of turning you into a supple leopard. Benefits include;

  • Increased range of motion can generate power and promote efficiency of functional movements through improved position and posture.
  • Range of Motion is optimized through the strengthening of ligaments and tendons while simultaneously removing excess fascia through specific stretching routines.
  • Recovery is increased through the natural release of hyaluronic acid while simultaneously resetting the central nervous system.

Class Timetable

DAY06:15 - 07:0509:30 - 10:2010:30 - 11:2017:30 - 18:2018:30 - 19:2019:30 - 20:2020:25 - 20:50

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