Group Fitness Classes

Our popular group fitness classes are suitable for all ages and all levels of fitness.
Whether you are looking to lose fat, shape up or increase your fitness in general, our classes are for you.

We have 31 classes weekly, running everyday of the week, mornings and evenings. Classes are varied and each has a theme. So whether you are looking to increase your aerobic capacity with REDLINE or looking to gain some strength with SCULPT, there are classes for everyone.

Below you will find a description of each of our classes and a class timetable.
To book in for classes, please refer to our “How to Book” section.

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SCULPT is our full body strength class. Very little aerobic work involved in these sessions but an emphasis on heavier loads and time under tension. This doesn’t mean these classes lack intensity. The mix of higher and lower rep ranges keeps the heart rate high.

These are excellent classes to start with if you are a beginner!

Redline Fitness Class


REDLINE is our most aerobic class that focuses on longer bouts of work.  This does mean it can be the most challenging.  This is also the class that is going to pull your fitness and ability forward the quickest. This class involves long intervals with no prescribed rest (doesn’t mean you can’t rest) to keep your heart and lungs working. In this class you want to use weights that aren't too heavy for you. You want to be able to pick your weights up without too much effort and get your body moving right away.  You want to try this out but maybe not as your first class.  Make sure to work at your own pace and we will always match you up with people of the same level of fitness so you don’t find yourself too far out your depth.

Anaerobic Assault Fitness Class

Anaerobic Assault

ANAEROBIC ASSAULT is a mixture of our other two classes, combining fast bouts of aerobic work and heavy bouts of resistance exercises with rest periods.  This mixture of working both the aerobic and anaerobic systems makes this class quite the test if you give it your all.  This also makes it a good class to begin with as you there is always planned rest throughout the workout.  By using different rep schemes and time domains within the workout, we can keep the workouts varied so that you'll always find them challenging.